Exhibiting at the 2018 Venice Biennale

We’re just back from Venice, where at the end of May a selection of our photography opened in an exhibition at the 2018 Venice Biennale. The collection of photographs is titled THEN and NOW  is featured in the exhibition, TIME SPACE EXISTENCE organized by the GAA Foundation now through November 25 2018. Head to this LINK […]

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Rem’s Fundamental Thinking

Rem Koolhaas… does a building go together? ‘Well, it has numerous parts to it’….and these parts have changed over time. Bringing the methods of design and construction down to its simplest forms in terms that people with no Architectural or building knowledge can understand. It is a massive exhibition, exhaustive and details, but simple. My […]

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We Are Hard at Work…

Construction of a House

I’ve been working closely with Measured Architecture to Record and Represent the process of construction of a new house. The construction of a dwelling involves many people…from the initial vision of the Architect to the details brought to the table during collaboration with various sub-consultants and then sub-trades. Design doesn’t stop with the drawings being […]

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