It’s common knowledge that most photographers are gear junkies…what most people don’t realise is that each lens, each camera is a tool (toy) with a specific purpose and character.  Knowing what to use, and when, is part of the craft.  When a new piece of equipment comes along, it opens your eyes, allowing you to re-see a method of communication.

Andrew works with a Phase One Medium format digital back and Arca-Swiss technical camera.  A modern version of a 4×5 or 8×10 that allows him total perspective and creative control.  There’s that added benefit that the digital file quality is unsurpassed by any other camera.  Multi year architectural projects deserve this.

He has worked with 35mm (Canon, Sony and Pentax ) cameras,  Arca-Swiss, Induro, Lee, Mamiya Leaf, Pentax, Schneider.

He keeps totally up to date on the craft of modern-day digital photography.

At a personal level, he still shoots film for individualised character of each emulsion, along with the practise of analysis.  Understand.  Think.  Press the shutter.