June 2014

Brazilian Filters

The 2014 Brazilian Exhibit is a history lesson.  One that you could fundamentally enjoy… We are taken on a chronological visual diary describing the evolution of Brazilian architecture.  As you delve further the characters (Architects) who were so prevalent (Burle Max, Niemeyer, etc) to this  ‘modern’ movement become more regularly referenced  (along with their collaborations), and […]

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Aussies in a field

Set in the middle of a paddock, an orange open sided tent was temporary home for the Australian Exhibit at the 2014 Venice Biennale, constantly engaging with the ‘passer by’.  It was just across the creek (canal) from the currently under construction New Australian Pavilion and will open for the 2015 Art Biennale. The exhibit […]

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Canadians in the North

The last two years I’ve been photographing a number of projects in the Canadian North and have become deeply interested in the way in which buildings are resolved in climatic, social and cultural conditions that until my first visit, I had never contemplated. Lateral Office, the curators of this years Canadian Exhibit have been researching, […]

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